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Despite the somewhat serious-sounding name, bone grafting is a fairly simple procedure that restores bone health for patients who have experienced dental trauma. Shahrokh Soltani, DMD, at Dental NV, in Sterling, Virginia, often recommends bone grafting for his patients who have suffered bone loss due to gum disease. Bone grafting can even decrease the signs of premature aging related to loss of facial structure. If you are a resident of Sterling, contact the office by phone or schedule your appointment online.

Bone Grafts Q & A

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting in implant dentistry simply means that a small amount of grafting material, which is usually laboratory-processed bone made from a synthetic material or an animal bone such as a cow, is injected into the bone under the gum. This may include a small incision being made into the gum, or it may be performed in the opening left behind by an extracted tooth. Over the course of a few months, the body grows new bone cells where the grafting material was injected.

Is bone grafting safe?

The creation of synthetic or animal-based grafting material is carefully controlled, but there are no specific health risks involved with this type of bone grafting. There’s a type of bone grafting that requires your dentist to obtain bone matter from your own body to use as grafting material. This type of grafting for dental implants can cause a small risk due to the second surgery that takes place to remove the grafting material from the body in the first place.

How long does bone grafting take to heal?

It only takes a couple of days at the most for a dental patient to begin feeling great again after a bone grafting procedure. It takes several months for the site to develop a natural foundation of the healthy bone matter again.

For many, the thought of bone grafting is scary. Dr. Soltani can explain the many benefits of bone grafting for your oral health. Bone grafting specialists emphasize the importance of the procedure if you have faced major tooth loss, trauma, or gum disease. This restorative procedure can greatly benefit your health and restore your smile to its original brightness.

Are there other benefits of dental bone grafting?

After a bone grafting procedure, you become eligible for several restorative dentistry services. You may need dental implants, bridges, or crowns to help stabilize and fortify your mouth. Without proper bone mass in your jaw, you can’t undergo such procedures. A bone grafting procedure makes it possible for you to have additional cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures that you may need desperately. Tooth replacement options are versatile and easy to acquire with proper bone mass.